What monks and nuns can teach you about saving yourself and the world

Bad sh#t happens to good people. Kamal Sarma, a former monk and venture capitalist, compels you to question just how resilient you actually are to the inevitable sh#t that will happen in your life. In this personal and refreshingly light hearted talk, Kamal shares how you can go from depleted, disconnected and disengaged, to living a life of clarity, connectedness and congruency. Kamal Sarma is one of the world’s leading experts on resilience and human connection, with a particular focus on creating resilient leaders, so they can go on to create resilient organizations. Kamal is the CEO of Rezilium, a strategic leadership development firm, specializing in the wealth management industry. His company has conducted leadership programs for a number of top-tier organizations, such as Google, Facebook, Reserve Bank of Australia, PwC, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank.


Kamal Sarma has had a unique background, training as a monk for six years in India, as well as pursuing a corporate career. Kamal has held senior executive positions in organizations, including McKinsey & Company, Eli Lilly and AMP Capital Investors. Kamal has also been the co-founder of two venture capital businesses in the IT and biotech sectors. Kamal is the author of the international bestseller, Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity – How to Develop the Focus of a Warrior and the Peace of a Monk. He speaks globally on resilience and leadership. Kamal’s book, The Leadership Leap: (UN) Learning How to Lead, was featured on Google Talks.
In addition to his corporate work, Kamal is a co-founder of the Institute for Mental Resilience, an organization that, amongst other activities, supports rescuing young children from sex slavery in India, Nepal and Cambodia. He was recognized for his peace work between the Chinese and Tibetans in 2008.

He is currently the Chairman of RUOK’s Think Tank and AmicusDigital and has just released his new book, The Art of WinWin Conversations. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx