Why Mental Resilience?

“This book successfully integrates the lessons learned from thousands of years of Eastern meditation tradition with the latest findings of Western science. For novices and experts alike, it will broaden and deepen your understanding. I have meditated in the peace and quiet of a mountain retreat and as a combat soldier in trenches. Meditation is a powerful tool to develop focus, peace, and clarity. This is the best book on meditation I have ever read.” — John Gibbons, practicing psychologist for forty years

Mental Resilience -The Power of Clarity

“At a time when work life is getting faster and more complex, we all need to clear our minds and develop focus. It is an absolute must for high performance work environments. This book makes building mental resilience easy. It has helped me as a mother, a partner, and an executive.” — Elizabeth Broderick, partner, Blake Dawson Waldron

Do you frequently feel stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious? Do your thoughts sometimes have too much control over you? What if you could focus your mind and find peace in any situation?

We all face challenges—complex decisions, difficult personalities, constant demands on our time—but we don’t have to be at their mercy. By developing the skills outlined in this book, which create what author Kamal Sarma calls mental resilience, we become able to meet these challenges with clarity. Both warriors and monks have for centuries made training their minds, developing mental resilience, a key priority.

Through this training, they are able to silence incessant mental chatter and live a life of awareness, peace, and focus. Kamal draws upon his roles as a former student of Eastern spiritual practices and a successful Western corporate advisor to present a step-by-step guide to developing mental resilience. Through a progressive program, Kamal provides models and metaphors that help you clear your mind of repetitive, unhelpful thoughts and improve your ability to make decisions. Learn how to reduce stress, maintain clarity in any situation, and discover an abiding calm within.

The book includes links to audio downloads that clearly guide readers through with Mental Resilience Training Techniques.

This book is unique in its approach as it describes Mental Resilience Training in a very simple manner.

It is supported by a CD, which will allow you to start your own meditation program. This book is written for people who live everyday lives.

This book has been written as a practical guide for people such as executives and mothers so that they can create mental resilience and enhance their performance, health, and relationships.

The book has 2 major parts:

a theory section (chapters 1-6) and a practical section (chapters 7-13). The theory section explains how MRT works and how the benefits are achieved. The practical section gives the reader a step-by-step approach to starting meditation practice. The practical section outlines a 21 day program for beginners to get started and is structured around the 5 main stages of meditation – relaxation, meditative calm, emotional tranquillity, insight, and wisdom. Each practical chapter has case studies and a frequently asked questions section that will answer most beginners’ questions.



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Guided Meditation


Mental Resilience Guided Meditation - A relaxing audio experience

01. Guided Meditation
02. Meditative Calm
03. Emotional Tranquility
04. Insight
05. Wisdom


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