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To End Self Harm
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Be safe inside your home, your heart and in your head…find a Momentr to navigate you through life’s inevitable challenges 

Momentrs: The Mentor Movement is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections through mentorship.

Our mission is to create a strong mentorship culture and nurture the mindset, confidence, and skills of mentors who can have deep, supportive conversations with those facing life's challenges.

At Momentrs, we believe that connection is the key to thriving—whether at work, at home, or in the community. We are committed to helping end self-harm and domestic violence by fostering these vital connections.

We focus on four essential areas:

  • Connection to Self
  • Connection to Others
  • Connection to Purpose
  • Connection to the Planet

By investing in these connections, we aim to empower individuals and build a better, more supportive world for everyone.



Become A Partner 

We invite you to partner with Momentrs to help us create a world where meaningful connections and mentorship can thrive.

Join us in this transformative mission to create a better, more supportive world for everyone.

Thank You To The Following Organisations

Taking Inspiration From RUOK?

RUOK? has phenomenal success and transformed the landscape for suicide prevention and mental health in Australia. It has accomplished this through amazing leadership and creating powerful partnerships.

We are seeking partnerships to end self harm and domestic violence in our lifetime.

Please get in touch if you like to assist us on this mission.


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Ready to make a real difference in someone's life while enhancing your own skills and growth? Our comprehensive Momentrs Mentoring Training Program equips you with the essential tools and techniques to become an effective mentor.

Whether you're looking to provide professional guidance, personal support, or assist in building strong relationships, this program will empower you to navigate and help others through the inevitable challenges of life.

Enroll now and embark on a rewarding journey of leadership and personal fulfillment.


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