Increase your leadership capacity to sustain ongoing high performance. 

Realize the full potential of the leaders, team members and organisation by learning the key behaviors required to lead yourself, your teams and your organization.


At all levels of the organization, we believe leadership is critical to success. Many leaders have not had the adequate training in leadership skills.

This lack of leadership development creates a leadership gap within an organisation which can leave leaders stressed and depleted. Our leadership programs are designed to fill these leadership skills gaps.

We deliver programs that build leadership capability at all levels of the organization. Our programs are customized to your specific needs and industry requirements.

Our Leadership Program

Program Outline:


More than ever leaders are asked to deliver results in a complex changing environment. It is not enough just to be in a leadership position; people have to choose to be led by you.

Our leadership programs are designed to allow participants to explore this question and give them the skills and tools to allow this to occur. Drawing on more than 50 years of research on resilience and inspirational leaders, this program is focused on deconstructing and then reconstructing inspiration and resilience in a way that transforms the science into practical tools for self and business leadership.

Our leadership programs are supported by the The Resilient Leadership Journey which is a 3-month self-paced digital coaching program that is designed to assist new and existing leaders enhance their leadership capabilities in a way that does not detract from their current work responsibilities.


Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Lead in times of intense change while building resilience and navigating organisational complexities.


  • Identify the 4 levers to create an outstanding climate to l create and sustain a high performing team

  • Discover how to Inspire others to hold themselves accountable through inspiration as opposed to fear or force

  • Communicate with focus not only on the message sent but how the message is received and its ongoing impact

  • Critically evaluate the reasons why people will choose to follow you and how to influence through inspiration rather than force

  • Achieve high performing results with FLOW rather than through exhaustion

  • Develop a Personal Inspirational Leadership Action Plan to cultivate and sustain a high performing climate



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