Case Studies

Australian Bank


  • Australian Bank having undergone significant growth and major restructure

  • Client division had increased funds under management, loan book, and deposits.



  • Leadership Team was given a new target that was significantly higher than previous years.

  • Team members were exhausted and unclear how to meet these new targets, and there was a general state of confusion within a poor team climate.

  • New members had been recruited into the organisation. However, the destructive climate was driving down morale of even the new recruits.

  • A restructure was required; however, it was imperative that the performance of the business did not drop in the intervening period.



  • A climate program was implemented to lift the climate of the organisation during the period of the restructure.

  • A strategic facilitation program was implemented, aligning personal and professional goals.



  • Results did drop during the time of the restructure, but at significantly lower levels than previous restructures.

  • The organisation was able to continue with strategic initiatives and is on track to deliver goals.


Financial Service Sector


  • Financial services organisation had been asked to lift targets significantly.

  • Organisation had already done some sales training, but this had failed to significantly impact results.



  • Sales executives still saw themselves as product providers and did not have requisite skills to influence clients or the industry.

  • Many of the state managers did not have a high sense of accountability for targets and lacked the entrepreneurial skills to realise strategic outcomes.


  • A strategic influencing program was implemented for all sales executives, from the State Manager to the individual Business Development Manager.



  • Some non-performing sales managers decided to leave the organisation after acknowledging they would not be able to influence at the level required.

  • Results show a significant increase in the revenues and they are on track to execute on the strategy.


Fund Manager


  • Large international fund manager

  • Successfully grown the business from Greenfield site to over $9 Billion.



  • Team conflict.

  • Some team members were experiencing professional and personal stress.

  • Many of the team members were struggling to keep up the leadership requirements needed to shift from being a manager to a leader.

  • Some team members were not in the correct roles and were struggling to stay inspired.



  • Leadership coaching, identifying, and implementing next levels of leadership skills required by individuals to achieve growth targets

  • Team leadership program implemented, identifying and resolving team conflict through structured, facilitated feedback sessions, so team members could authentically address areas while maintaining strong working relationships.



  • Team has increased revenues by 60% in the period of a year.

  • Energy of the team was redirected toward the market rather than each other.

  • An uninspired team member self-selected out of the organisation, releasing significant amounts of energy within the team.


Professional Services


  • Professional services firm was mid-tier in their rankings within the industry.



  • Individuals promoted on technical skills to levels for which they did not have the requisite leadership or entrepreneurial skills.

  • Many successful technically proficient managers left the organisation, as they felt they would not be able to pick up the leadership or entrepreneurial skills required to be a successful partner at the firm.



  • Create and implement a leadership development program at all levels of the organisation building from Analyst, Associate, Junior Partner and Senior Partner to Director.



  • Drop in turnover at the pre-partner level and subsequent increase in billing revenues

  • Using the leadership development framework as attraction, retention, and engagement tool across the organisation

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