The Three Elements Of Feedback: Gratitude, Guidance, and Growth Goals

In order to give feedback effectively, we must understand that not all feedback sessions exist for the same reasons or to fill the same needs. The way we deliver feedback must be adapted to fit different people and different situations—It’s a dynamic and multifaceted, rather than static and singular, concept.


How To Deliver Gratitude, Guidance, and Growth Goals


1. Gratitude.


When you express gratitude, you’re showing someone that you value him or her. You’re telling the receiver that you appreciate his or her contribution to the project, the team, the company, and most importantly, to the relationship (and connection) that you share with him or her.


2. Guidance


When you give guidance, you’re giving someone the tools they need to improve existing skills, techniques, and processes.


3. Growth Goals.


Setting growth goals is one of the most challenging feedback operations as it has the highest risk of coming across as being critical or negative.


We Need All Three Forms Of Feedback To Succeed


Remember that although gratitude, guidance, and growth goals fulfill different needs, they are all equally necessary to creating a strong feedback culture.


Reference: Thanks for the Feedback- Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone