Are you thriving or surviving?



3 things that are required to begin thriving rather than surviving:


1. Your mindset is determined by your personal philosophy

There is a great quote "Studying Philosophy is a waste of time; not studying Philosophy is a waste of a life,".

When you're wondering how you're feeling, ask yourself, "Why do you think the way you do?"

If you're looking for a new philosophy to incorporate into your life, I recommend Stoicism.

Meditations by Marcus Aurellius or Seneca's Letter to a Stoic are excellent places to begin.


2. Your psychology influences how you react.

You must comprehend why you feel the way you do. You must comprehend why you react the way you do.

Has your partner or family member ever done something that triggered you

Isn't it as if your childhood self returned and took control of your body?

Sometimes family members really know how to get under your skin!

Understanding your psychological make-up is vital as it reveals how you react to life.


3. How you adapt is determined by your physiology.

What are your levels of dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and cortisol?

Do you have any idea?

When was the last time you had a check-up to ensure that everything in your system is in good working order?

It’s necessary to biologically regulate and monitor ourselves while also taking proactive steps to make a difference.

I've always recommended doing the 'plant test.'

  • Do you get enough sunlight?
  • Do you get enough water?
  • Do you get enough nutrients?
  • Do you have any weeds in your life that you can take out?