What do you think of Elon Musk's leadership style?


Do you think it's an EXAMPLE or do you think it's a WARNING?

I’ve been thinking about the causation and correlation of leadership styles with the success of companies,

From Steve Jobs in Apple to Elon Musk in SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal and now he’s bought twitter,

However, one thing that has been brought to light, is his leadership style in Twitter,

He has:

  • On the second week, nearly laid off half of his workforce with little notice
  • Announced the termination of an engineer through a tweet
  • Allegedly fired employees who’ve criticised him on Slack

The question to ask yourself is: Would you want to work for Elon?

If you look at his track record, it’s been pretty amazing, but at what cost?

Some of the interesting things about his leadership style are:


1️⃣ He sets very high goals, which has been great for disrupting industries.

However, it sometimes led to a toxic environment.

It has led to burnout and stress by a lot of the people that work for him.


2️⃣ Number two, he's well known for being a hands-on kind of person.

However, this can lead to micromanagement.

If you've ever been micromanaged, you know exactly what I mean.

It can be really tough being led by a micromanager.


3️⃣ And number three, he's been known to make bold decisions and say things, but he's also hurt a lot of people along the way.

He's said things in the media that's been downright mean.

Here is my question to you:

Do you think his leadership style is an example or a warning?

I would love to have your thoughts on the leadership style of Elon Musk and if you would want to work for him.

Let me know your thoughts!