• Be antifragile so your performance increases in times of chaos
  • Thrive in times of adversity and challenge
  • Increase your effectiveness, efficiency and elegance impact
  • Deal with conscious stress, subconscious stress and unconscious stress


Our approach to mental resilience, emotional resilience and wellbeing is based on the belief that they are skills and practices that can be taught, learnt and mastered.

Having these skills is the difference between thriving and just surviving. The more volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous the environment, the more vital these skills become.

Flourishing in the current business environment requires persistence, grit and perseverance so individuals, teams and organisations can achieve their results while being energized rather than depleted.

Resilience to Thrive Learning Outcomes

You Will Learn How To :

  • Manage your energy not just your time 

  • Implement the concept of Flow, to achieve targets and outcomes minimizing stress and depletion

  • Create sustainable performance to avoid the 5 types of burnout

  • Re-frame change as an opportunity responding resiliently instead of emotionally to change

  • Emotional mastery to operate from a place of choice rather than depletion

  • Identify the three types of stress - conscious, subconscious and the most damaging of all, unconscious stress

  • Use the Rezett™ assessment tool to measure your resilience across 8 factors

Developing Mental Resilience Learning Outcomes


  You Will Learn How To :

  • Develop your mental hygiene through creating Mental Resilience habits

  • Handle 3 types of stress- Conscious, subconscious and unconscious

  • Deal with high levels of pressure and change gracefully through mindset shifts 

  • Enhance mental perspective and updating thriving tools

  • Use the Rezett™ assessment tool to measure your resilience across 8 factors

My national team across all of our geos (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane) finished a session with Rezilium last week. The team of directors and partners could really relate to his message on how to build resilience in a disrupted world and how to thrive both professionally and personally. Everyone walked out of the sessions buzzing with excitement, understanding the opportunity ahead and more importantly armed with tools and techniques necessary to tackle what is one of our generations most difficult challenges - “resilience.” Thank you! 


Executive Mindfulness Learning Outcomes


You Will Learn How To : 

  • Use your mind effectively, efficiently and elegantly

  • Apply mental hygiene tools in everyday life

  • Consciously redirect your attention to sustain peak performance and presence

  • Understand and process your emotions to develop emotional mastery

  • Build self-awareness and emotional and mental regulation



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