Through a well-defined process, we create a programme of enhancement aligned to your vision, mission and culture. We also take into consideration how much time a participant can be in face-to-face sessions and their level of involvement.


Phase 1 – Diagnostic and Ideation.

From the beginning, we work alongside you to appreciate and investigate your needs and goals. The diagnosis process involves utilizing workshops, analytical frameworks, and structured interviews



  • create a roadmap of the development program based on existing culture and access

  • Clear understanding of business context and challenges and gauge current level of understanding/buy-in


Phase 2 Alignment and Design

This is a consultative and reiterative process, where all the issues that may impact the program, are identified. Key stakeholders are included.



  • This phase is to make sure that the leaders have emotional, as well as logical buy-in to the process.

  • Leaders emotionally engage with the programme and explore how to align it with key business challenges.


Phase 3 Deliver and Embedding

Rezilium, in conjunction with our clients, delivers the solutions through targeted coaching, short briefings, workshops, online training, analysis, and evaluation. In this phase, the focus is on creating lasting change and significant impact across your entire organization.



  • Training program is cascaded through the organisation.


Phase 4 Optimization

  • In this phase, we work with clients to establish relevant Return on Investment for the initiatives and monitor success. We capture and track relevant data to see what is working. Along with the client, we make relevant changes to the program as required.



  • Continue to monitor and build levels of understanding, engagement, and behavioral change.

  • Development program is continually monitored and assessed throughout the organisation.


These 4 phases will deliver a programme to develop engaged, proactive inspirational leaders and congruent teams, connecting authentically, and being able to master change.

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