Managing Director

Kamal has developed deep insight into organisations and people cultivated by his own unique background.   Living in a monastery he trained as monk for 6 years before excelling in senior corporate positions.  Now as the founder and director of Rezilium – a strategic leadership firm Kamal delivers customised strategies and presentations for a range of industries. 


Kamal has held executive roles in organizations such as McKinsey & Company, Eli Lilly, StGeorge Bank and AMP Capital Investors. He is an experienced speaker, trainer and the author of 3 books: The international bestseller Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity – How to develop the focus of a warrior and the peace of a monk. THE LEADERSHIP LEAP- (Un)Learning how to lead, as featured on Google talks.  His most recent book is WinWin Conversations: The Art and Science of Human Connection.


Kamal has co-founded two venture capital businesses in the IT and biotech sectors and is currently is a Chair of RUOK? ConversationsThinktank.  He is also co-founder Not-for-Profit initiative that builds resilience, self-esteem and confidence in high school students through public speaking.


Link to Kamal’s TedX talk:


Key areas:

  • Leadership (of team and self)

  • Resilience in times of rapid change

  • Change Leadership

  • Communication and Connection

  • Creating a feedback and appreciation culture

  • Sustaining High Performing Teams in a VUCA world

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