Carolyn Mullen

Carolyn is interested in the human connection and has been actively involved within the performing arts for more than 25 years as an actor, improviser and educator.  Her focus has been understanding human behavior, the ‘why we do what we do and how we can do it better”.


Carolyn has worked within the banking and finance industry including (without giving away her age) Advanced Bank, St George, AMP Financial Services and Deutsche Bank (UAE).
Graduating from the Ensemble Acting Studios Carolyn studied under Zika Nester OAM and was an active member of the Ensemble Studios Board of Directors and a committee member for the Ensemble Repertory Theatre. Carolyn has also studied at the Actors Centre Australia, NIDA, Theatre Sports and Macquarie University (Creative Arts), Sydney Acting School and has worked in theatre, film and television. Carolyn also studied Improv and Sketch Comedy Writing

Carolyn's Key Areas:

Culture Transformation and Development

Building Culture Strategies

Facilitating Leadership Development

One on One Coaching and Mentoring

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