The Leadership Leap

More than ever leaders are asked to deliver results in a complex changing environment.
It is not enough just to be in a leadership position; people have to choose to be led by you. This program is designed to allow participants to explore this question and give them the skills and tools to allow this to occur.
Drawing on more than 50 years of research on resilience and inspirational leaders, this program is focused on deconstructing and then constructing inspiration and resilience in a way that transforms the science into practical tools for self and business leadership.
The Leadership Leap is a 3-month self-paced coaching program that is designed to assist new and existing leaders enhance their leadership capabilities in a way that does not detract from their current work responsibilities.

The Organization Will Benefit Because

Your ability to make practical use of inspiration and resilience will grow significantly. This brings considerable benefits to you, your colleagues and your ability to achieve results in complex and challenging environment.

Key Learning outcomes

  • Lead in times of intense change while building resilience and navigating organisational complexities.

  • Develop skills to master the 4 levels of leadership i.e Level 1 (Leading yourself), Level 2 (Leading 1 other person), Level 3 (Leading a team) and Level 4 (Leading when you are not there)

  • Identify the 4 levers to create an outstanding climate which will create and sustain a high performing team

  • Inspire others so they hold themselves accountable through inspiration as opposed to fear or force

  • Communicate in an inspirational manner that focuses not only on the message sent but how the message was received and its ongoing impact

  • Critically evaluate the reasons why people will choose to be led by you and how to influence through inspirational needs rather than force

  • Produce a Personal Inspirational Leadership Action Plan to develop and sustain a high performing climate so that you can achieve superior results with FLOW rather than through exhaustion

We Will Cover

  • The case for inspiration and resilience in business and how to achieve results through FLOW rather than stress and exhaustion
  • The characteristics of inspirational and resilient leaders and how they create a climate where success is inevitable even though they may experience setbacks
  • The Rezilium model of resilience and leadership transformation which allows you to assess your progress and the progress to achieving Great results
  • The Rezilium Personal Climate Window and how a leader has a disproportionate impact on the team climate
  • The 3 needs of inspiration and 4 needs of motivation and how to influence others using their drivers rather than assuming they are driven by the same factors that drive you
  • How to apply the transformation model and an ongoing basis by creating a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month action plan