Create an organizational culture where authenticity, clarity and accountability are the norm Our fast paced, interactive training develops great leaders and  connected teams As individuals, our ability to connect is one the most important assets we have. It impacts all aspects of our personal and professional lives. In the workplace, it determines efficiency, effectiveness and results By learning how to truly connect and adopt the WinWin mindset you can significantly enhance your team performance, employee engagement, customer advocacy and financial results We conduct training for:

  1. Leadership Teams
  2. Cross Functional Teams
  3. Sales Teams
  4. Customer Service Teams
  5. Operations Teams
  6. Project Teams

We can have a number of assessment that guide you on what areas you need to focus on to enhance your organizations performance They include

We have specific areas of industry specialization where we focus on your particular industry related case studies to create a break thorough in performance.

Connection Assessments

We conduct a number of online Connection Assessments which can  provide guidance on where you may need to focus your attention to develop a higher performing team.

Our assessment tools include:

  • Self-Connection Assessment
  • Team Connection Assessment
  • Leadership Connection Assessment
  • Sales Connection Assessment
What is your Personal Connection Quotient

How well do you connect?

Your personal connection quotient gives you indication of how you connect to others?

The art of connection, as opposed to just speaking, is a skill that few people have learnt consciously. Those who have benefit in several ways:

  • Increased ability creates strong bonds
  • Reduced tension and conflict when addressing challenging issues
  • Increased career prospects

The art of connection is just like any skill. It can be learnt, practiced and developed.

This self-assessment tool can assist in understanding how you rate yourself in the art of connection

Contact us if you would like to find how well you connect and which areas you need to develop?

What is your Team Connection Quotient

How connected is your team?

This assessment gives you an indication of how connected the team views itself.

Team connection is essential to how a team:

  • Adapts to change and deal with adversity
  • Pursues growth opportunities
  • Deals with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Address personal, professional and organizational challenges
  • Engages with clients in a seamless way
  • Produces superior sustainable results

Teams who are exhibiting high levels of connection are more likely to be an example to others and can see possibilities where other teams only see impossibilities. They look forward to new challenges and are invigorated by the objectives that they set themselves.

Teams with low levels of connection find it challenging to deal with change and growth. They are disempowered by volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity, change and eventually they can start to negatively impact organizational performance. When teams with low levels of connection encounter uncertainty or ambiguity they react negatively and subsequently create greater difficulties for themselves and others.

Contact us if you would like to find how well you connect and which areas you need to develop?

What is your Leadership Connection Quotient

How well do your leaders connect? Leadership 360

This is a leadership 360 that provides insights on how well your leaders are connected to their teams, their colleagues, and their clients.

Whether you lead an organization, a team, or an initiative, communication is critical for achieving your goals. However, some executives fail to meet their full potential, not because they lack core competency skills, but because they are missing essential skills on how to connect emotionally, as well as logically, with their teams, colleagues and clients.

What is your Leadership Connection Quotient?

These connection qualities are based on our interviews with more than 4,000 leaders and their team members.

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What is your Client Connection Quotient

How well do your sales team connect?

The ability to connect is critical to sales professionals.

This assessment is designed to assess certain aspects of your ability to connect to potential and existing clients. The assessment is meant to help you understand your strengths and to identify areas in which you may need additional training.

Contact us if you would like to find how well your team is connected and which areas you need to develop?

About Our Training Programs

Our training programs are fast-paced, fun, thought provoking and engaging.

We challenge old communication paradigms and share new models and frameworks that are more attuned to the Twitter/YouTube attention spans of the twenty-first century.

We utilize the real-world experiences of the group and have participants actively engaged in the learning and teaching process for each module so as to deepen their understanding and retention.

The Art and Science of Human Connection through WinWin Conversations draws from a wide variety of areas including psychology, palliative care, neurobiology, functional MRI imaging, FBI negotiation practices, peace activism, aikido and judo.

Our WinWin Conversation training is based on principles discovered through  years of research. These principles have been implemented across the globe to ensure personal and team success and develop skills that are easily applied, applicable in the real world and make a profound impact on the organization at both the individual and team level.

To make sure our training is practical and actionable, we have customized many of our programs for specific industries and specific requirements by developing specific industry and segment case studies. We also tailor our services to meet your needs, whether via keynote speeches at conferences, through face-to-face workshops or online.

Unique features of our training

  • You use your real-life scenarios—your most pressing challenges—to learn the principles of WinWin Conversations and connect emotionally as well as logically to other people
  • You rehearse your most complex conversations with other colleagues and professionals and gauge how your message has been received
  • You explore opportunities that you may not have considered and leave the program with a strategy to stay connected and resolve challenges
  • You use our integrated approach to implement a new style in communication for yourself, your teams and your clients.


BEFORE: Disconnected from

AFTER: Connected to

Increased Sales
  • Clients feel they are not being listened to Sales teams do not create an emotional connection with the client. Interactions are transactional at best
  • Clients feel heard and open up so sales people can anticipate needs.
  • Discussions are more about value than price. Unexplored needs are identified and collaborated on
Improved Teamwork
  • Managers and teams fail to meet goals. Attention paid to internal interactions/conflicts of team distracts from achieving high performance. Teams struggle to avoid confrontation, leading to more work and rework
  • Teams collaborate, minimizing conflict. Issues are addressed quickly and resolved in a WinWin way.
  • Issues are confronted collaboratively and resolved quickly. Teams develop efficient communication and synergy
Greater Adaptability to Change and Transformation
  • Executives miss market signals. Staff feel disconnected and therefore do not trust change
  • Executives tune in to trends while they are still weak signals. Staff feel connected and view change as an opportunity
Retention and Reinvigoration of High Performers
  • Organizations lose high-potential contributors because they feel disconnected from leaders and teams.
  • High-potential contributors lose their sense of engagement, leading to lower performance
  • High-value contributors feel connected and heard. High performers achieve both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards from being in their position in the organization 

Businesses globally have adopted WinWin Conversations as a way to create superior results, reduce decision phobia, and increase client advocacy and staff engagement.

  1. Productivity: One organization has seen an 82% increase in productivity as decision making speed increased. This was attributed to the teams’ ability to address issues without fear of expressing their opinions.
  2. Teamwork: Staff in an insurance company are now 112% more likely to openly share their views with senior leaders.  This is a result of their confidence in addressing issues without having to censor themselves or use aggression to get their views across.
  3. Connection: A retail bank saw a 65% uplift in referrals as clients said that they felt heard by the advisor rather than being lectured to.
  4. Performance:  A professional services organization experienced 42% uplift in deals closed as a result of staff using the undeclared and unexplored conversation model with clients.
  5. Efficiency: One organization’s costs have decreased by 22% by ensuring that the customer had the opportunity to declare their expectations resulting in reduced rework

What Makes Our Programs Different from Other Communications Courses

Other communications courses focus on…

Listening skills

Messages sent

What to say



WinWin Conversations programs focus on…

Making others feel heard

Messages received

How to connect



Core Programs

Understanding the principles of human connection through WinWin Conversations
Navigating human connection through a roadmap of WinWin Conversations 
Creating and deepening human connection through WinWin Conversations in difficult situations

Understanding the principles of human connection through WinWin Conversations

Short Workshop: 1-2 hours

Main Topics:

  • The 7 main principles of WinWin Conversations
  • Why we struggle to communicate and connect
  • What happens to individuals, teams and organizations when people do not courageously navigate to WinWinoutcomes


  • Participants develop a shared vocabulary around miscommunication and disconnection
  • Participants understand how the 7 principles of WinWin can enhance their level of connection at work and at home

Suggested audience

  • Team off-sites where the focus is on creating greater team cohesion
  • Client event where you want to show commitment to the client relationship

Project team kick-off where you want to make sure you start the project on a positive note

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Creating and deepening human connection through WinWin Conversations in difficult situations
Programs by Focus

WinWin Conversations Industry Specific Programs

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WinWin Conversations Industry Specific Programs