Train the Trainer

Two-Day WinWin Train the Trainer Program

Our WinWin approach takes human connection to the next level and helps people to truly understand the power of connection. Many companies worldwide are now using the tools of WinWin Conversations to improve communication and connection and achieve superior performance throughout their organization.

WinWin Conversations programs take a totally new approach to human connection, based on over eleven years of research conducted by Rezilium in the areas of communication, business acumen, culture and change, influence, leadership and team development.

A renowned global network of WinWin facilitators uses WinWin principles to:

• build high-performing congruent teams
• increase collaborative behavior
• strengthen connection with clients and
• increase employee engagement and retention of high performers

The comprehensive two-day WinWin Train the Trainer program develops the skills internal and external trainers and consultants need to:

• Teach WinWin program principles, frameworks, assessments and instruments to individuals or groups
• Explain how businesses are using WinWin Conversations to create change
• Explain how the theory of WinWin Conversations developed and the research that supports its principles
• Train attendees to use the Leadership Connection Assessment, Team Connection Assessment and Individual Connection Assessment
• Demonstrate how WinWin principles can be used to solve issues in business
• Access our High Intensity Conversations, a guide to conducting multi-level workshops

The cost of the Train the Trainer program is $5,000 USD per trainer.

Post-Accreditation Support

• Observation or co-facilitation for one session you conduct
• Guidance on matching your products to your clients
• Private coaching
• Access to an international network of facilitators
• Access to workshops and conferences
• Access to books and articles