WinWin Sales Conversations

Selling is an essential part of life. Unfortunately, people feel uncomfortable about engaging in sales conversations and they are often viewed as a struggle in which one side must lose for the other to win.

WinWin sales conversations reframe the process of selling using WinWin techniques and models focused on human connection to find a place where parties serve one another to ensure that both parties needs are met, rather than focusing on manipulation.

Connection is critical in a sales conversation:

• So that the sales professional hears not what is being said but what is not being said
• So that the sales professional meets not only what the client wants but the deeper needs of the client
• So that the sales professional can challenge the client respectfully without any perceived judgment
• As the basis of a sales professional engaging in a serving relationship with the client

In this program, team members learn:

• How to create passion and compassion with a client
• How to connect from a place of serving rather than a place of manipulation
• How to inspire the client with possibilities that may not have been apparent previously
• How to inspire solutions through the understanding and addressing of deep human needs