WinWin Conversations for Leaders

Leaders must connect with their team.  So many times a leader’s ability to connect with the team drives the level of team cohesion and performance.


  • In today busy world, leaders do not necessarily get enough time to spend having the right conversations.
  • They need to address issues constructively and compassionately so as to maintain engagement and deliver superior results.

In this program, leaders learn:

  • How to connect rather than just have a conversation or communicate
  • How to answer questions that have not been asked
  • How to make another person feel heard
  • How to deepen relationships by listening to what is not being said
  • How to uncover deep needs of clients and staff members so as to strengthen relationships that are resilient
  • How to identify solutions that were not previously seen as possible
  • How to create and sustain a culture that breaks down silos so as to deliver strong holistic client solutions