Team Assessment

What is your Team Connection Quotient

How connected is your team?

This assessment gives you an indication of how connected the team views itself.

Team connection is essential to how a team:

  • Adapts to change and deal with adversity
  • Pursues growth opportunities
  • Deals with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Address personal, professional and organizational challenges
  • Engages with clients in a seamless way
  • Produces superior sustainable results

Teams who are exhibiting high levels of connection are more likely to be an example to others and can see possibilities where other teams only see impossibilities. They look forward to new challenges and are invigorated by the objectives that they set themselves.

Teams with low levels of connection find it challenging to deal with change and growth. They are disempowered by volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity, change and eventually they can start to negatively impact organizational performance. When teams with low levels of connection encounter uncertainty or ambiguity they react negatively and subsequently create greater difficulties for themselves and others.


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