What to Expect After Attending a WinWin Program


BEFORE: Disconnected from

AFTER: Connected to

Increased Sales
  • Clients feel they are not being listened to Sales teams do not create an emotional connection with the client. Interactions are transactional at best
  • Clients feel heard and open up so sales people can anticipate needs.
  • Discussions are more about value than price. Unexplored needs are identified and collaborated on
Improved Teamwork
  • Managers and teams fail to meet goals. Attention paid to internal interactions/conflicts of team distracts from achieving high performance. Teams struggle to avoid confrontation, leading to more work and rework
  • Teams collaborate, minimizing conflict. Issues are addressed quickly and resolved in a WinWin way.
  • Issues are confronted collaboratively and resolved quickly. Teams develop efficient communication and synergy
Greater Adaptability to Change and Transformation
  • Executives miss market signals. Staff feel disconnected and therefore do not trust change
  • Executives tune in to trends while they are still weak signals. Staff feel connected and view change as an opportunity
Retention and Reinvigoration of High Performers
  • Organizations lose high-potential contributors because they feel disconnected from leaders and teams.
  • High-potential contributors lose their sense of engagement, leading to lower performance
  • High-value contributors feel connected and heard. High performers achieve both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards from being in their position in the organization