The Results of Learning the Language of WinWin

Businesses globally have adopted WinWin Conversations as a way to create superior results, reduce decision phobia, and increase client advocacy and staff engagement.

  1. Productivity: One organization has seen an 82% increase in productivity as decision making speed increased. This was attributed to the teams’ ability to address issues without fear of expressing their opinions.
  2. Teamwork: Staff in an insurance company are now 112% more likely to openly share their views with senior leaders.  This is a result of their confidence in addressing issues without having to censor themselves or use aggression to get their views across.
  3. Connection: A retail bank saw a 65% uplift in referrals as clients said that they felt heard by the advisor rather than being lectured to.
  4. Performance:  A professional services organization experienced 42% uplift in deals closed as a result of staff using the undeclared and unexplored conversation model with clients.
  5. Efficiency: One organization’s costs have decreased by 22% by ensuring that the customer had the opportunity to declare their expectations resulting in reduced rework