About Our Training Programs

Our training programs are fast-paced, fun, thought provoking and engaging.

We challenge old communication paradigms and share new models and frameworks that are more attuned to the Twitter/YouTube attention spans of the twenty-first century.

We utilize the real-world experiences of the group and have participants actively engaged in the learning and teaching process for each module so as to deepen their understanding and retention.

The Art and Science of Human Connection through WinWin Conversations draws from a wide variety of areas including psychology, palliative care, neurobiology, functional MRI imaging, FBI negotiation practices, peace activism, aikido and judo.

Our WinWin Conversation training is based on principles discovered through  years of research. These principles have been implemented across the globe to ensure personal and team success and develop skills that are easily applied, applicable in the real world and make a profound impact on the organization at both the individual and team level.

To make sure our training is practical and actionable, we have customized many of our programs for specific industries and specific requirements by developing specific industry and segment case studies. We also tailor our services to meet your needs, whether via keynote speeches at conferences, through face-to-face workshops or online.

Unique features of our training

  • You use your real-life scenarios—your most pressing challenges—to learn the principles of WinWin Conversations and connect emotionally as well as logically to other people
  • You rehearse your most complex conversations with other colleagues and professionals and gauge how your message has been received
  • You explore opportunities that you may not have considered and leave the program with a strategy to stay connected and resolve challenges
  • You use our integrated approach to implement a new style in communication for yourself, your teams and your clients.

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