The Art of Human Connection through WinWin Conversations is being used in many global companies.

Many companies worldwide are now using the tools of WinWin Conversations to improve communication and connection and achieve superior performance throughout their organization.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The more WinWin a conversation, the better the culture, the more engaged the staff, the deeper the relationship with clients.”

“I realize it’s not enough to just listen; my job is to make the other person feel heard. That totally changes how we engage with our clients.”

“When we are confident that we can have WinWin Conversations, we look forward to confrontation rather than avoiding it.”


WinWin Overview

WinWin Conversations is a new way of thinking about human connection. Based on eleven years of research, the team at Rezilium has developed a new form of communication.


The Results of Learning the Language of WinWin

Businesses globally have adopted WinWin Conversations as a way to create superior results, reduce decision phobia, and increase client advocacy and staff engagement.

  1. Productivity
    One organization has seen an 82% increase in productivity as decision making speed increased. This was attributed to the teams’ ability to address issues without fear of expressing their opinions.
  2. Teamwork
    Staff in an insurance company are now 112% more likely to openly share their views with senior leaders.  This is a result of their confidence in addressing issues without having to censor themselves or use aggression to get their views across.
  3. Connection
    A retail bank saw a 65% uplift in referrals as clients said that they felt heard by the advisor rather than being lectured to.
  4. Performance
     A professional services organization experienced 42% uplift in deals closed as a result of staff using the undeclared and unexplored conversation model with clients.
  5. Efficiency
     One organization’s costs have decreased by 22% by ensuring that the customer had the opportunity to declare their expectations resulting in reduced rework

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