Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in a training session?

For the in-house training programs the optimal size is between 10 and 14 participants. In groups larger than this, people struggle to get the enough time to practice their own complex and challenging conversations.

How different is this from other communications courses?

WinWin Conversations would be complementary to most effective communications courses. Participants who have done crucial conversations and then have done the WinWin Conversations program find that they have some areas strengthened. The major difference is how WinWin Conversations delves deeper into some of the major principles such as:

  • the 3-second, 30-second, 3-minute and 30-minute rules
  • the idea of letting go of domination language
  • the ability to listen to what has not been said

How much does the Train the Trainer training cost?

The professional fees for training in WinWin Conversations varies depending on the facilitator used.
Please contact us via this form and one of our team will get back to you with a response.
For selected charities, we provide training free of charge.