Skills for this century, not last century

Rezilium is an innovator in leadership development.

Our approach is different from other training organisations, whereby:

We combine the best scientific research with leading learning methodologies so that people can experience a shift in performance.

  • Rather than focusing on just motivation, we focus on inspiration

  • Rather than focusing on just time management, we focus on energy management.

  • Instead of teaching how to just speak to people, we teach how to connect.

  • Instead of teaching how to just manage change, we teach how to lead change.

5 Areas of Focus

We can assist your organisation in 5 main areas:

Leadership: Leading self and others
  • Inspirational Leadership

  • Resilient Leadership

  • Influential Leadership

  • Leading culture change

  • Change Leadership

  • Emerging Leaders and High Potential Programs

Resilience: Enhance personal, team, and organisational resilience
  • Mental resilience

  • Executive Mindfulness

Connection: Connect to your clients and to each other
  • WinWin Conversations

  • Connection Conversations

Teams: Create and sustain high performing congruent teams
  • Creating a High Performing Congruent Team

  • Sustaining a High Performing Congruent Team

  • Creating a Congruent Team (Post Merger Integration)

  • Dissolving silos for Improved Performance

  • The Strategic Team Offsite (facilitation with Rezilium FACTZ facilitation Model)

Change: Being able to thrive, not just survive, in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times
  • Change leadership

  • Change Mastery

  • Change Resilience

Focus on the leading indicators, and the lagging indicators will follow

We focus on leading indicators such as:
  • At a personal level, engagement, inspiration and resilience are leading indicators.

  • At a team level, the level of connection and congruency are leading indicators.

  • At a client level, it doesn’t matter how much you speak at them, it matters how connected they feel towards you.

Our belief is that there are 5 main capabilities that need to be present to make sure that organisations can achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

They are:
  • Leadership: Leading self and others

  • Resilience: Being able to bounce back from setbacks and being able to deal with them proactively

  • Connection: How do to stay connected with your clients and teams

  • Teams- Having teams that are congruent and high performing

  • Change- Having the ability to thrive in change not just manage it