Ross Checkley, is a “conscious capitalist” with over thirty years of global experience, successfully building and leading high-performing teams across a broad range of markets, including industrial services, technology and innovation, management consulting and security.

Although he was born and raised in the UK where he completed his honours degree in engineering at the University of London, Ross has spent most of his career running businesses in Asia, America and the South Pacific for large multinationals, like Brambles Industries and NCR Corporation, as the Managing Director.

Ross has firsthand experience with the challenges that leaders face communicating and connecting with cross-functional teams, clients, suppliers and partners across different cultures, locations and time zones, and balancing the delivery of the weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial commitments to the corporation and shareholders while nurturing and developing these complex, multifaceted relationships.

A husband and father of four, Ross is now devoted to improving the lives of others by helping leaders and their teams expand their capacity to create a world in which all people can live fulfilling, authentic lives full of purpose, joy, creativity and compassion.