the Program

A Transformational Journey

The Resilient Leadership Journey is the online leadership
transformation program that is complementary to the Leadership Leap book. Over
a period of 12 weeks you will embark on a gradual  and deep
transformation.  You will discover the skills to become a better leader
by getting to know the fundamental behaviours and qualities that make a
resilient and inspirational leader.

How the Program is set up

The program consists of 23 episodes. Each Episode contains the following material:

  1. Purpose
  2. Multi-media
  3. Exercises
  4. Key Learnings
  5. Start / Stop / Continue ( = S / S / C )

Each Episode starts with the Purpose, followed by watching the multi-media material, which are 10 minutes on average in length. The Exercises are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with
the multi-media material, it will provoke personal “reflection &
insights”. The Key Learnings will
highlight the key insights for an episode.

 Click here to download the full course overview in PDF. Click here to download the full course overview in PDF.

At the end of each episode there is a consolidation section where you
will have to think about the actions you want to start, stop and
continue based on the material you have
covered. These consolidation sections are critical to your development
as they underpin the commitments you will need to make to become a more
resilient and inspirational
leader. Each episode takes around 30 minutes to complete.

At the end of the program we encourage you to look back at some of
the initial outcomes you have set for yourself and see if you have
achieved them. Ultimately, this program is about you, about making you a
better leader and about making sure your life is enhanced.

The Rezilium Leadership Academy

The Resilient Leadership Journey is part of the Rezilium Leadership Academy’s curriculum. And as such, hosted on our Rezilium platform. Our platform is a
cloud-based learning platform that provides the fastest path to awesome

Course Fees and Access

The course fee for the Resilient Leadership Journey is: $999 (inclusive of taxes). You will receive 1 year access to the program. We do encourage you however to complete 2 episodes per week, over a period of 12 consecutive weeks. To get access to this program, all you need to do is create a login (username and password) at


will give you exclusive
access to your own private membership area. Here you can watch your
multi-media, complete your exercises and track your progress.


Once you login to your membership area,
you will see the “course catalog”. In the course catalog, select “the
Resilient Leadership Journey”, and click “Get this course”. You will then be lead to a
secure PayPal page, where you can complete your payment, major credit cards accepted. Please note
that you do not have to be a PayPal account holder to use PayPal
checkout services.


30-day Money back guarantee

All our online programs come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any
reason you feel that the Resilient Leadership Journey isn’t for you at
this point of your life, simply email us at any time in the first 30
days of your subscription and  you’ll receive a prompt and courteous
refund. If you experience any problems – technical, personal or
anything else – write to us and we will help you with tips and advice.
Our team is ready to guide you and ensure you are on the right path.

 All our online programs come with a 30-day money back guarantee All our online programs come with a 30-day money back guarantee

Try an episode for free

View one episode of the
Leadership Leap to see if you are ready to take the Leap! You will also get access to a workbook containing the key learnings and the exercises for that episode. Click here for access.