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More than ever it is crucial to keep your people connected,

effective, resilient and thriving. Working remotely has disrupted all aspects of life and work.


Let us engage your teams in these sessions that are :






You can’t replicate face-to-face, but you can improve on it. We never thought it was possible but what we did in a room, we can enhance virtually.

Our virtual sessions are thought provoking and experiential that create awareness and energize people to tackle the big issues.

Learn more about our Virtual Masterclass and get in touch by pressing the button below.


Build Resilience To Thrive:

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How to deal with conscious, subconscious and unconscious stress and master your emotions to empower yourself and others

Mental resilience and Mental clarity:
How to create certainty internally when the external is uncertain

How to build personal accountability with routine, rhythms and rituals

Emotional Resilience and Mastery:
How to understand the emotional journey to keep motivated

and engaged

Mental Wellness and Mental Health:
How to develop effective, efficient and empowered work practices 
in a changed landscape

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Create Change Agility:

Change Mastery:
How to successfully navigate phases of change through a
deeper understanding of mental and emotional states for yourself and others

Change Resilience:
How to thrive and not just survive in changing times

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Key Speaker
Key Speaker


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rezilium for over 13 years, firstly at Westpac and then in my current role at JDRF Australia. Rezilium has always created training programs that are research and data driven but more importantly are practical. Our team recently did a virtual training session with Kamal and he managed to keep our team very engaged and leave with practical implementable tools at the end. 


JDRF and Westpac Banking Corporation


Navigating Complex Critical Conversations:

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Deepen and Strengthen Relationships with Win Win Conversations™:

How to deepen your conversations with clients and team members by navigating complex conversations

Understanding Communication and Connection Failure:

How to identify where and when connection failures occur and how to pre-empt them so you can achieve results

Navigating difficult conversations:

How to navigate difficult and emotionally charged conversations

Creating a Speak-Up Culture:

How to build a ‘safe’ culture where people have the confidence to speak up about the big issues

Strengthen High Performing Connected Teams:

Leading High Performing Congruent

and Connected Teams:

How to lead your team successfully and make sure you have the right conversations at the right time

Building Team Congruency:

How to ensure all team members are working together effectively in a ‘hybrid’/virtual environment

Trust and Collaboration:

How to build a climate of trust and ensure collaboration for high performance

Equal and Different:

How to harness diversity and inclusiveness to build a connected team

Feedback and Appreciation Culture:

How to create a feedback and appreciation culture to drive high performance


Presenting Virtually:

Virtual Gravitas:

Presenting and influencing with confidence, clarity and connection in a virtual world

Connecting with Clients Virtually:

How to deepen and strengthen your client’s relationships when you are not in the same room