Your presence is what people remember you for. It either influences people positively or negatively.

Become aware of how presence impacts others and your message.
Your future and your organisation’s future depends on it.


Gravitate to Captivate :

You already have the right skills and knowledge.


Do you have the gravitas to effectively and efficiently convey your message for your audience to take action?

The most successful executives have

presence and gravitas.

●  Their ideas are contagious.
●  They can connect to their audiences when they talk and

     they influence people when they need to.
●  They transfer confidence in how they convey their message.

●  They are clear in their message and they can connect

     with an audience 


Rezilium The Gravitate Program delves

much deeper than most presentation courses

We will help you :

● Consciously and subconsciously prepare to engage with your audience’s mind so as to leave a lasting impression.
● Discover your authentic voice so you don’t present but  show up as your genuine self in all situations.
● Truly connect with your audience to make sure they empathize with you and
    your message.
● Own the room and fill it with your energy.

You will learn how to :

●   Access your authentic voice so speaking in public is as comfortable as speaking to       a close friend
●   Create a connection so your audience is receptive to your message and wants you        to succeed
●   Fill the room with your energy that people can connect with

●   Subconsciously prepare so you have done your presentation hundreds of
     times before you enter the room
●   Respond when you forget your content
●   Create and intensify memorable moments you want the audience to
     remember and act upon
●   Effectively answer challenging questions even if you don’t know the answer at
     the time
●   Harness voice, pauses, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, movement
     and body language to show confidence, passion and gravitas
●   Close a presentation to achieve the action that you need
●   Evaluate your presentation skills and take feedback for continual improvement



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Do you offer this workshop within an organisation?

We can conduct a tailored workshop at your premises or you can attend one of our public programs.

Should I bring a laptop to the workshop?

Yes, you will be practicing your presentation and you may want to make changes on the day so it is preferable that you bring a laptop.

Will I be presenting in front of a group?

You will be presenting in front of a group a number of times. It will be a safe environment and we will support you to feel comfortable within the group.

What will I need to present?

We have had participants talk about their idea for raising funds to how to implement a major change within an organisation. We encourage you to choose presentations that will test your skills and take you out of your comfort zone

What if I struggle being confident in front of a room?

We will assist you to use those nerves to ensure they work in your favor. As you create more mastery around these skills, you will feel comfortable speaking to a group of people as much as you feel speaking to a friend.

Will you videotape me presenting?

We will video you at certain stages of the course. However, this will be totally up to you. We believe that watching yourself present can assist you later with fine tuning your presentation.

Will I master presentations at the end of the program?

You won’t be a master at the end of the day. However, you will be clear on what your authentic voice is and what you have to do to develop, so you will be believable for audiences to gravitate to your message.

How intense is the course?

It will be a focused and intense day, however you will have breaks. We will challenge and stretch you in the program so when you go back to work, you will find it much easier to present.

I have done other presentation courses, will this be the same?

We don't focus on “practice, practice, practice” or how to not say “Ummm”. This program is much deeper. We aim to focus on making skills go deep into a subconscious level so you feel confident no matter where you are presenting.

Do you offer discounts and scholarships?

We do offer discounts and scholarships. If you are part of a registered charity you can attend any of our programs for free.



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