Why Mental Resilience ?

“This book successfully integrates the lessons learned from thousands of years of Eastern meditation tradition with the latest findings of Western science. For novices and experts alike, it will broaden and deepen your understanding. I have meditated in the peace and quiet of a mountain retreat and as a combat soldier in trenches. Meditation is a powerful tool to develop focus, peace, and clarity. This is the best book on meditation I have ever read.” — John Gibbons, practicing psychologist for forty years

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Mental Resilience -The Power of Clarity

“At a time when work life is getting faster and more complex, we all need to clear our minds and develop focus. It is an absolute must for highperformance work environments. This book makes building mental resilience easy. It has helped me as a mother, a partner, and an executive.” — Elizabeth Broderick, partner, Blake Dawson Waldron

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Your most precious asset is your mind

Kamal Sarma is Australia’s leading expert on mental resilience with a particular focus on creating resilient leaders so that they can go on to create resilient organisations. Kamal works with leading organisations to create lasting improvements in profitability by influencing the leadership’s ability to inspire rather than motivate.

Benefits of Meditation

I have discovered that all human evil comes from this: man’s being unable to sit still and quiet in a room alone. – blaise pascal, french mathematician, physicist, philosopher, and inventor

“This book gets to the crux of how to clear your mind and develop mental focus. This technique has been an inspiration for many executives in developing their mental resilience and levels of peace to reduce stress and function at their peak.”

Les Fallick, CEO Principle Advisory Services