Mental Resilience

Through Meditation and Mindfulness

When the environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous it is very easy to become mentally depleted and exhausted.

This is a time when we need to make sure that we can make the right decisions for ourselves, our families, our teams and our organizations.

What can you do?

The Mental Resilience Program - through Mindfulness and Meditation;

helps you invest in your most important asset, your mind.


This program is comprised of 2 x 2 minute video bites emailed to you daily.

Part 1: WHY? - Explanation on how your mind works (2 minutes)

Part 2: HOW? - Provides a guided meditation (2 minutes)

This program is hosted by Kamal Sarma,

 a former monk, management consultant, venture capitalists turned leadership coach and TED Talk Speaker

Through this program Kamal provides models and metaphors that help you clear your mind of repetitive, unhelpful thoughts, improve your ability to make decision and help reduce stress.

Make sure that you look after your mental well-being. Mental resilience is critical to ensure that you are able to manage your stress levels and therefore give your immune system the best possibility of thriving.

The Details

  • Approximately 2 minutes of practice a day
  • 1 module sent per day for 40 days

Please check your SPAM or firewall if you do not get an email every weekday from [email protected]

Investment: $100

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