Essential Dialogue Program

How to courageously navigate your most challenging, complex and critical conversations through connection, to achieve a WinWin outcome.


How you navigate your difficult conversations will determine the quality of your working life and your personal life. 


The skills you have to navigate these conversations will determine if you can:

- Win that client 

- Resolve a conflict

- Secure that raise/promotion

- Engage a team member

- Obtain more resources

- Connect with your family


We’ve all found ourselves:

- Avoiding conversations we need to have

- Having conversations that we wished we hadn’t had

- Having conversations but not actually saying what we need to say


This can lead to avoidance of key issues, aggressive reactions or apathy as we give up on trying to resolve the problem because it’s just too hard.

Imagine if you had a roadmap to navigate complex conversations to achieve a WinWin outcome that works well for you and the other person?

On this program you'll learn how to 

  • Identify the 7 conversations hiding in a complex conversation    
  • Feel confident to bring up a difficult topic and know how to navigate it to get a great outcome for you and the other person
  • Be assertive without being aggressive
  • Be compassionate while being courageous
  •  Hear what is not being said
  • Strengthen and deepen the relationship by having  difficult conversations 
  • Express yourself in a way that the other person does not interrupt you
  • Express your emotions and not censure your feelings
  • Provide feedback in a way that the other person does not hear judgment or criticism
  • Articulate your expectations and uncover other people’s expectations

Have you been avoiding challenging conversations with your client, colleague or leader? 


What if there was a way to navigate these conversations with ease and in a way  where both of you achieved a WinWIn outcome?


We delay having difficult conversations out of the fear that we may make things worse. However, not having the conversation starts to make us feel stressed and issues stay unresolved. Sometimes they do come out but in a way that can destroy the relationship.  

Essential Dialogue is a course  that is designed to help you have difficult conversations


Effectively: getting to an outcome that  is sustainable for you and the other party

Efficiently: in the least amount of time and energy

Elegantly: a way that strengthens and deepens the relationship 

This course has practical tools and strategies to help you achieve a WinWin outcome through Essential Dialogue

Essential Dialogue is vital when there are;

 1. Serious consequences 

2. Complex emotions

3. Different interpretations of the past 

4. Uncertainty about the future

5. Polarising viewpoints and values

6. Unclear expectations

7. Fear of compromising the relationship


Once you master the art of Essential Dialogue, you will be able to share your opinions openly, regardless of the intensity  of the situation or who you are speaking to. 


This ability will give you confidence to bring up whatever is on your mind and to discuss it authentically, where you are able to resolve the issue while deepening and strengthening a relationship, building trust and solving problems.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Feel confident engaging in a difficult conversations

  • Learn the best ways to give and receive feedback

  • Express yourself in a way that people will listen to you without being defensive

  • Keep the conversation on track even when you have strong emotions

  • Leverage listening skills to hear what people are not saying

  • Learn effective ways to get through with your communication when there are diverse values, backgrounds and beliefs


The ability to navigate critical conversations is an essential leadership skill. It enables you to gain the trust of your colleagues.


The ability to navigate critical conversations is a vital skill to work in a team so you can collaborate not just reactively but proactively and pre-emptively.


The ability to navigate critical conversations is crucial with clients so you can provide answers to questions that have been asked, but more importantly give answers to questions that they have NOT asked.


The ability to navigate critical conversations in your  personal life is vital. Whether you want to discuss your finances, intimacy, needs or your combined future,  navigating these conversations will be essential for the vibrancy of the relationship.

By the end of this course, you will be able to…

  • Identify where disconnection occurs and how to reconnect 

  • Identify the 7 hidden conversations and the turning points so you can stay on track

  • Avoid being emotionally triggered 

  • Put your viewpoint across without diluting your message

  • Stay calm  and focused in the face of attacks or accusations

  • Find WinWin outcomes that meets everyone’s needs

  • Create high-trust relationships by communicating authentically

  • Create a psychologically safe environment to address issues effectively, efficiently and elegantly

Investment $500